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UL Tested & Approved Premier Mounts BW, EBC, EB, TL & B Base Stands and Trolleys – What are the real benefits?

US manufacturer Premier Mounts, has established itself as one of the foremost producers of commercial-grade TV stands and trolleys.

All Premier Mounts products are advertised as UL (Underwriter Labs) tested and approved, but does this really mean anything? Are there any tangible benefits to a product with UL approval?

Well, of course, if you’re in the trade you can generally see whether a product is up to the job or not, clues such as the type of steel used and of course its design elements can be seen when the product is handled.

The biggest benefit of UL testing and approval can be experienced when buying a product ‘on line’ or when comparing pictures or specifications. Most manufacturers of course use professional photographers to take studio-shots of their products, so when comparing products on-line they all look great. 

The fair assumption of anyone buying flat screen mounting hardware on-line, is that all products must be able to do the job for which they’re being advertising. 

That assumption is usually fine for flush mounting wall mounts, as effectively there’s usually a steel wall-plate and some kind of fixing onto the back of the TV or Monitor. Having said that however, there are some brackets being sold that are incapable of keeping a TV or Monitor level, some steel used is so thin that it actually bends when the load of the TV or Monitor is added. If you’re not sure that this is truly the case, please do a quick Google search.

The real benefits of UL testing present themselves on more complex and perhaps more expensive TV / Monitor mounting hardware. 

If two similar-looking mounts have a similar price, how can you be sure which is the better? How do you know which is the better value for money?

As an example of how a ‘key feature’ can be confirmed by UL, then you only need to look-at the BW, EBC, EB, TL and B based stands and trolleys.

A key UL test is the one which tests how far a screen stand or trolley can be tilted without it falling-over, clearly a very necessary test with regard to safety, particularly when a stand or trolley is being used in a school or in a retail environment. The following image details how the Premier Trolleys are tested and approved to UL standards. Image

This is just one example of why UL testing is so important. Premier Mounts pays a great deal on money for each of its product to be tested, some manufacturers may argue that it’s simply a cost saving not have their products tested, others would argue that they simply couldn’t ‘cut the mustard’.

Another very key feature is the claimed weight a stand or trolley can support, this is of course listed in most product specifications. UL demands that a product must be capable of supporting 4 x the claimed weight, hence a stand with a claimed weight capacity of 50kg has actually been tested with a load up to 200kg. From some of the samples we’ve seen from other manufacturers in the past, some claimed specifications appear to have been decided by guesswork and extreme optimism.

We know and we’re very confident that every Premier Mounts product we sell, into any public access environment, will perform to the exacting standards demanded by UL.

Having sold a huge number of Premier Mounts products, we know that key features such as the tough cold rolled steel and the product design, combined with the certification of UL, means that our customers receive a suitably safe product, at a great price.

UL confirms that Premier Mounts is True Value For Money.

As we’ve always said, we don’t sell cheap products, we sell high quality products inexpensively.

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