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Custom Cabinet / Furniture Recessed Large LCD, LED or Plasma Mount – At last a bracket that beats the Vogel’s EFW6345 – B-Tech BT8310 & Premier Mounts LMV


For many years we supplied many Custom Furniture builders with the Vogel’s EFW6345 cantilever wall mount bracket. The benefit of the EFW6345 was that as the TV or Monitor was pulled-forward, the screen remained centred in the cabinet, there was no left/right movement which could cause the flat screen to scrape the inside edge of the cabinet.

The Vogel’s EFW6345 was not particularly sophisticated as although it allowed the screen to be pushed-back, a gap would still be needed at each side, to allow finger access to allow it to be pulled-forward. Clearly, with any custom-built cabinet, there is always a degree of cooling and venting required, however this can be provided at the back or from inside the cabinet.

Previously, when we supplied the Vogel’s EFW6345, this was our only option. When there was a stock shortage or other supply issue, then there was no alternative.

Now, with the backing of both our world-class manufacturers, we’re now able to offer two alternative products, both offering fantastic design, build quality, functionality and reliability.

From B-Tech, we’re able to supply the BT8310 (please CLICK the link for full details)

From Premier Mounts, we’re able to supply the LMV (please CLICK the link for full details)

Both the above options allow very tight fitting into a custom cabinet, with just a few millimetres needed around the TV’s or Monitor’s frame. As they also have a fixed ‘pushed-back’ position, the front surface of the screen can be set-up so that it is always in the perfect position.

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