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Is CLEAR glass the new BLACK glass, when it comes to TV stands and desks?

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Well, we all know trends are cyclic.

10 years ago, almost all glass TV stands and office desks were produced with CLEAR safety glass. Then, around 6 or 7 years ago, the manufacturers produced BLACK glass versions.

In terms of TV stands, then perhaps there was a genuine ‘driver’ of this trend as manufacturers’ changed their TVs from Silver to Black. However, the desk market seemed to just followed their lead, by producing Black glass versions.

Whilst reviewing our desk and TV stand sales over the last 3 months, it became apparent that 3 out of 4 units sold where Clear glass and not Black. 2 to 3 years ago, less than one in 20 units sold had Clear glass. So it appears that the market has moved again, luckily our manufacturing partners offer great ranges, both Black and Clear.

So what are the advantages of Clear glass and why the switch-around?

1 – Clear glass stands and desk, just don’t show dust as easily. Black glass furniture is very smart, but it does show every last spec of dust.

2 – Most Black desks or TV stands have a coating applied to the under-side of the glass sheet, over time this can be scratched, causing obvious light marks.

3 – Black glass absorbs light, hence it can make a room look darker.

4 – Clear glass is less obtrusive, making the TV stand or desk appear to be smaller.

5 – Clear glass TV stands are more flexible, working well with Black, Silver or White TVs.

6 – Clear glass is less likely to show marks, especially those caused by sticky little fingers. But to be fair, any glossy glass  surface will show finger-prints, it’s inevitable.

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