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Which is better, Premier Mounts or B-Tech audio visual mounting heardware?

We’re sometimes asked to definitively state which is the better manufacturer, B-Tech or Premier Mounts.

Those less experienced suppliers sometimes try to differentiate the two brands by saying that B-Tech is the budget, or the lower cost version of that offered by Premier Mounts.

Well, we simply do not agree.

The reason we selected the B-Tech and the Premier Mounts ranges, is that they compliment each other really well, rather than having ‘like for like’ products, their ranges mesh and interweave. It’s of course very true that each brand offers standard VESA fittings, however the B-Tech mounts can be mounted directly to poles using steel collars, whereas the premier Mounts versions offer wider wall fixing plates. This is of course just one example of why it’s great to be able to offer both brands.

There are those selling mounting hardware that claim that B-Tech is a cheaper brand because the products are made in China, well obviously that’s just not correct. The vast majority of manufacturers regardless of where they’re located, manufacture their products in China or Taiwan.

Just to clarify the point :-

B-Tech International is a privately owned and operated British company which has been based in the UK for 40 years, however the majority of its products are manufactured in its factory in China.

Premier Mounts is a privately owned and operated US company which has been based in California for almost 40 years, however the majority of its products are manufactured in its factory in Taiwan.

Both companies design and support their products in the UK or the USA respectively, however the ‘end-user’ benefits from the lower production costs of the Far East. Both companies have strict manufacturing tolerances, and closely monitor their products’ production.

Being true ‘commercial quality’ manufacturers, both companies offer bespoke or custom hardware, B-Tech does this in the UK, whereas Premier Mounts does this in California. This bespoke or ‘custom’ manufacturing tends to be for special projects or for low-volume,  specialist production runs.

So, in summary, having been involved with selling mounting hardware for many years, we don’t perceive one brand to be a cheaper version of the other, we know that each brand and each product has it’s merits.

There are other ‘brands’ selling mounting hardware, some are great, sadly others are not. There are those  ‘brands’  who simply import a container-full of standard ‘off the shelf’ brackets, and re-package them with their own logo. Neither of our manufacturers do this.

What we don’t do is ‘brand-collect’, we’re not looking to offer multiple versions of the same product, it’s of no benefit to us and only causes confusion for our customers. We’re very happy with our two world-class manufacturers, and we would only take-on another brand if its products offered significant benefits or if they complimented our existing ranges.

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