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Premier Mounts – BW & TL Trolley & Stand Bases – Back in Stock BW40, BW60, BW72, TL40, TL60, TL72 & TL84

Over the years, US manufacturer Premier Mounts has truly ‘set the bar’ in terms of design and build quality.

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Its range of LCD / LED & Plasma mounting hardware has proved itself ‘over and over’ in tough environments such as within education establishments and within public access spaces, such as in retail stores.

As a supplier, we depend on both Premier Mounts and B-Tech International Ltd , to enable us to supply an all encompassing range of commercial-grade stands and trolleys. The great benefit of supplying B-Tech and Premier Mounts products is that their ranges ‘’mesh-together’ almost seamlessly, very few products are considered to be directly comparable.

The major benefit is of course that it helps to protect our business too, should there be any issues with one of our suppliers. As an example, Premier Mounts was recently a victim of its own success, selling-through its stock of BW and TL stand and trolley bases, before it was able to re-stock. Rather than being unable to supply our customers with a stand or trolley, we were of course able to offer a B-Tech alternative, albeit not necessarily identical specification.

If a B-Tech product is offered to fulfil a void left by a Premier Mounts stock shortage, then our customers can be confident that they have been supplied a high quality product, manufactured by UK based B-Tech. As such, our customers can rest assured that their B-Tech purchase is covered by a full manufacturer-backed 10 year warranty.

Of course it also works the other way round too. Last year, when B-Tech could not supply the Hospital Bed TV Arm (BT7593), we were able to negotiate a deal with Premier Mounts to import and exclusively launch its AM18W, a similar extending arm wall mount bracket. Now, we’re able to offer our customers a choice, one with a pull-down frame and one without.

However, the great news is that our customers now have a full range of both Premier Mounts products and B-Tech products to select from.  With fresh stock of the BW and TL bases now available in the UK, we’re now able to deliver all options on a next-working-day basis. To those customers who have been waiting for either of these bases, to be used in conjunction with the Premier Mounts rotating head mechanism, please expect your delivery over the next few days.

The products that are now back in stock and available on a next-working-day delivery, are as follows :-

BW40-UFA          BW60-UFA          BW72-UFA

BW40-MS2          BW60-MS2          BW72-MS2

BW40-RTM         BW60-RTM         BW72-RTM

TL40-UFA             TL60-UFA             TL72-UFA             TL84-UFA

TL40-MS2            TL60-MS2             TL72-MS2             TL84-MS2

TL40-RTM            TL60-RTM            TL72-RTM             TL84-RTM

For more information on specifications and availability, please call 0845 835 0266



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