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Premier Mounts Launches New Lightweight Aluminium Long Reach Bracket For TVs Up to 72″

The Premier Mounts AM100.

Over the years, there’s been a developing fundamental paradox. As LCD, LED & Plasma screen technology has progressed, the weight per diagonal inch size has reduced.  Also the cost per diagonal inch has also reduced drastically over the years.

So, what’s the paradox?

Well, the cost of long reach brackets has reduced to some degree, but by no means to the same degree as the screen pricing.

Currently, the real paradox is that in many cases, the wall mount bracket can actually weigh more than the TV or Monitor screen. Typically, when an installer takes a look at a wall, onto which a screen is to be mounted, it’s not just the weight of the TV that needs to be considered, sometimes the combined weight of the TV and bracket would mean that the installation would not be possible. Clearly in many instances, the heavier the bracket , the more robust it is, well that’s probably fair when comparing brackets manufactured from steel.

Premier Mounts, the US manufacturer based in California, has now introduced a bracket against which all other brackets will be compared. The AM100, which is a long-reach wall mount arm bracket, throws away the rule-book by using high-grade aluminium, rather than steel. The tangible benefit, is that the AM100 weighs just 14kg, some 40% lighter than comparable steel brackets. Despite its 14kg weight, the AM100 is still capable of supporting flat screen displays with diagonal screen sizes up to 72” and weighing up to 45kg.

It is hoped that this new combination of lightweight bracket and a large screen up to 72” will enable installations onto wall that were previously thought to be unsuitable.

The other fantastic benefit considering the thickness of new LED TVs is that due to the aluminium used and the bracket design, the back of the TV can be as close as 1.5″ (38mm)  to the wall.

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