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New Royal Mail Parcel Charges April 2013 For LCD, LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Brackets

Anyone else upset by the new Royal Mail parcel services?

Well to be quite frank, it’s not the biggest problem in the world, but the new Royal Mail postal rates for UK parcel deliveries are a joke.

Talk about inflation…..

As an example, we used to send-out a 2.6kg package by The Royal Mail ‘Standard’ parcel service. As this service has now been abandoned by The Royal Mail, the nearest Royal Mail service available is an incredible 55% more expensive.

The Royal Mail now believes that the most appropriate parcel weight categories are as follows :-

Small Parcels up to 2kg

Medium Parcels up to 20kg (that’s a heck of a wide margin)

Large Parcels up to 30kg

I’m sure that there are winners and losers with this new system, but as most of the items we send are between 2.6kg and 4kg, we’re definitely not a winner!!

Today we shipped a 2.0kg parcel to Malta, it was just 30p more expensive than sending it to a UK mainland address….utter madness!!

Generally,  we use TNT and CityLink for our heavier items, typically those weighing more than 5kg, but as a result of the Royal Mail changing the way it does business, we will be using TNT and CityLink  more, not only are their services less expensive, they are also ‘next-working-day’ deliveries not the 3~5 days offered by the Royal Mail.

So, clearly The Royal Mail does not want our patronage, so be it…. there’s plenty of choice out-there.

Thanks The Royal Mail, we will miss you !!!!!!


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