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Why is there such a difference in pricing between Alphason Sona, Essentials, Accord & Atol glass TV stands versus those others listed on-line?

Well, as with almost everything in life, generally, you get what you pay for!

As a company, we don’t sell cheap products, we sell high quality products inexpensively.

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So, why are Alphason TV stands worth the extra cost?

Most Alphason TV stands are designed in the UK by UK designers, and then built to Alphason’s demanding specifications.

Many cheap and cheerful TV stands are manufactured in one of only a few factories in China, many being packed in plain boxed. UK based companies can buy a production run of a few thousand units, and then have the boxes printed with their own branding, they often then claim to be the manufacturer, hence it helps their own standing in the marketplace.

That’s fine if there are continuous repeat production runs, otherwise stock that arrives on ‘day one’ will still be ‘current’ stock until the warehouse is clear. Depending on how well the stock sells, your ‘new’ stand could be many months old, or even several years old in some extreme circumstances.  We were recently offered ‘branded stock that was production ‘date-stamped’ 08-2007, obviously we turned-down that “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

The trouble with this kind of business is the continuity of supply, not just of the actual product supply, but also spare parts and warranty support. If there is an issue with a product or a safety liability issue, will you really be able to source the ‘true’ manufacturer in China? After all, the bloke selling-off cheap stock on Ebay may no longer be listed.

So, apart from spare part, warranty, customer services and product liability, what are the tangible benefits of buying a higher quality Alphason TV stand?

Tension-Rod Strengthening

Through each supporting leg there is a steel threaded rod which acts to clamp the leg component s together, offering greater safety and stability to the stand.

Safety Glass to BS6206A

The toughened safety glass used on the Alphason stands is genuinely produced to BS6206A British and European standards. This is often claimed, but to be fair, how would you know for sure? This is where the value of a real UK based manufacturer is invaluable.

Leg Quality

Well, we’ve had samples of ‘old’ stock as detailed above, often we have seen rusted steel chrome legs, oxidised aluminium, or flaking paint separating from the core.

Often of very cheap stands the ends of the ‘cut’ leg portions are unfinished, i.e. they are simply chopped from a longer piece, resulting in very rough and razor-sharp edges are shards of metal.

Glass Thickness

Clearly, the thicker the glass the more weight it can support, also the heavier the assembled stand will be. Generally, heavier stands are far less likely to wobble, meaning your expensive TV will be more stable.

Glass Edge Finish

Many cheap glass stands have straight-cut edges, which mean that the edge of the glass sheet is square. Higher quality TV stands will have finished edges, with polished curved or angled edges. These finished edges obviously look a lot better but that are also less likely to chip and they are of course safer.

Though-the-glass leg fixings

Many cheap stands do not have a totally flat top surface, as they require top pads to screw-down through the glass into the leg assembly.

Alphason uses UV (ultra violet ) Bonding on the underside of the top glass to fix the legs, therefore, there is no leg protrusion above the top glass.

Cable Management

Even if some cheap TV offer cable management, then it’s usually a simple board fitted at the back of the stand after the stand has been assembled, this board simply hides the cables from the front-view. A real benefit of the Alphason Sona TV stands is that the cables are enclosed in a tube, the top glass also a cable access-hole to allow the cables to be passed though, making it as neat as possible.

Our Opinion

There is no doubt that there is a place in the market for the very low cost glass TV stands, however we believe that Alphason offers more real benefits for each pound spent. If you’re looking for a safe, secure and more attractive piece of furniture, then we believe that Alhason is the best choice out-there.


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