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Premier Mounts Stock Shortages BW & TL LCD, LED and Plasma Stand & Trolley Bases

For many of our customers, the Premier Mounts range of LCD, LED & Plasma Stands & Trolleys has been the mainstay of their business, countless customers returning to add to their own fleets of stands and trolleys.

Whilst offering a broad spectrum of audiovisual mounting hardware from both B-Tech and Premier Mounts, we would never attempt to switch a customer from one product to another, or from one brand to the other, unless of course there was a very pressing mitigating issue.

Sadly, such a time has arisen, but thankfully however it’s only temporary.

Currently, Premier Mounts in the UK has a number of stand and trolley stock shortages.

Due to several large orders, Premier Mounts currently does not have stock of any BW or TL stand bases.  All B, EB, EBC & CS prefixes are unaffected and are still therefore available on a next-day delivery.

The following model numbers are therefore affected :-

BW40-UFA          BW60-UFA        BW72-UFA

BW40-MS2          MW60-MS2       BW72-MS2

BW-40RTM         BW60-RTM         BW72-RTM

TL40-UFA           TL60-UFA          TL72-UFA             TL84-UFA

TL40-MS2            TL60-MS2          TL72-MS2            TL84-MS2

TL40-RTM            TL60-RTM         TL72-RTM            TL72-RTM

If you’re about to place an order or have recently placed an order for one of the above models, please contact you supplier to confirm they’re actually holding stock. Many other dealers depend on Premier Mounts holding stock and then delivering it on their behalf, if this is the case, the delivery cannot be completed until mid April 2013.

We’re desperately hoping that stock will be replenished in the UK by the middle of April 2013. If your requirement is more urgent, please consider one of our readily available offering from Premier Mounts or B-Tech.

To see our currently available stock, which can be delivered quickly, please STANDS or TROLLEYS

Alternatively, please call  0845 835 0266


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