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Time and Cost Saving Short Throw Projector Mounts With Inbuilt Stereo Amplifier & Speakers – UNI-PDS-AUD & UNI-EPDS-AUD

We all now understand better, the benefits of short throw projectors, particularly the heath and safety benefits of not disturbing asbestos dust in old-school ceiling voids.

Clearly, during term-time, empty classrooms are not readily available, having to re-house the children for half a day while the new projector is installed, isn’t ideal. Obviously, as most installers are aware, hanging the projector generally isn’t the most time consuming part of an installation, it’s the running of cables from the source, to an audio amplifier and then onto wall-mounted speakers takes up more time than is usually budgeted for.

However, leading US manufacturer Premier Mounts has produced a time-saving short throw projector mount, particularly designed for the education market.



With these new short-throw projector mounts, a single audio cable is required from the source, this single  audio cable attaches directly to the inbuilt amplifier, once amplified, the audio signal is attached directly to the inbuilt speakers. The real benefit is that the amplifier and speakers are securely housed together, rather than being located in a cupboard or on an adjacent shelf. With the option of connecting other sources to the amplifier and speakers, the mount actually becomes an audio hub.

The benefits of having the amplifier and speakers integrated into the actual mount are not just a benefit to the installer. Clearly, remote amplifiers and speakers can have a tendency to get damaged or be removed, ‘OK, I mean stolen!!

These new short-throw projector mounts, with inbuilt speaker capabilities are ideal for professional installers or those with a reasonable level of DIY skills.

There are two versions available, one with a maximum reach version of 686mm and the other with a reach of 1702mm





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