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B-Tech Bt8504 (BT8004) LCD, LED, Plasma Trolley Stand – With Screen TILT Feature

We were recently contacted by a customer who was looking to buy several B-Tech BT8504 trolleys. Their only concern was that as these were to be used where some viewers would be in wheelchairs, they were concerned that there was no TILT feature, to allow the screens to pointed, slightly downwards.

The BT8504 is without doubt one of the very best LCD, LED or Plasma floor stand trolleys available, often seen in its natural habitat, in exhibition halls, in retail spaces, in education establishments and of course in museums and visitor attractions. For 99% of customers it is the default choice, you just can’t go wrong.

Previously, our customer had purchased several BT8504s from us, but this time they were aware that this new batch was going to be used for displaying public information to a wide cross section of the community, including wheelchair users. Their request was for the very well regarded BT8504, but with a TILT mechanism.

Clearly, with our long experience of mounting hardware, and specifically an understanding of B-Tech hardware, we were able to supply exactly what the customer wanted, albeit with a little surprise.

The BT8504 typically sells for between around £300 through to £400, depending on the delivery timescale offered, and the level of pre and post sales support required. By using the standard B-Tech component parts, we were able to provide exactly what the customer wanted, but at an even lower cost of just £279.

You can be sure that if purchased from Flat Screen Support, we are authorised and supported directly by B-Tech to provide custom or bespoke LCD, LED and Plasma mounting hardware.

To view our customer kit with TILT mechanism, please CLICK HERE

To view our full range of commercial LCD, LED, Plasma trolleys, please CLICK HERE

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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