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Universal Replacement Desktop or Tabletop Stand For LCD, LED & Plasma TVs and Monitors PSD-TTS

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Over the years we’ve had the following inquiry over and over again :-

“I’ve just moved house and I can’t re-install my TV on the only available wall, I’ve checked all the boxes in my loft but I can’t find the original stand that was supplied with the TV when I bought it. What can I do?

Well clearly, if you’re very lucky, you may be able to find a direct replacement on Ebay, hopefully, someone who also installed their TV on the wall, may have listed their unneeded stand on Ebay. In the words of Star Trek’s Scotty, “it’s a long-shot, but it might just work!!”

Well, you’ve had a look and nobody has listed the exact stand you require, the one the manufacturer originally shipped with your TV. And it does need to be the actual-one, very few are interchangeable across brands or even across models within a brand.

The next-option is to buy a Universal Desktop or Tabletop stand. These are the ones that fix to the TV or monitor using the wall-mount threaded screw-holes on the back of the TV, the ones your wall mount bracket used initially.

There are of course a few manufacturers who produce such items, our chosen supplier is US manufacturer Premier Mounts.

Our version supports LCD, LED & Plasma TVs and Monitor with diagonal screen sizes between 32″ and 55″, weighing up to  an impressive 75kg (165lbs)

Being supplied by Premier Mounts, you can be sure that this stand has been tested and approved by UL (Underwriter Labs) to confirm the product’s specification, build quality and suitability for use.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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