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Temporary or Permanent Multiple LCD or LED TV / Monitor Video Walls

Using the latest System 2 Professional Grade mounting hardware from UK based manufacturer B-Tech International, we’re proud to be able to offer very cost effective, modular video wall display stands, for permanent or temporary installations. For many years, although offering huge potential with regard to stunning displays, the cost and complexity of mounting video-walls for a few days in an exhibition hall, meant that in many cases, they could not be justified. Well now, by using standard ‘off the shelf’ B-Tech components, we’re able to offer many configurations of video wall support stands. Although we’re listing a few ‘standard’ set-ups, we able to pretty-much produce a stand to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for a pyramid of 6 screens or a video wall featuring 20 x 23″ screens, why not give us a call, we’re sure we can help. The following example is a twin stand featuring 12 x 23″ LCD screens. Image

For more information, why not click the following links or give us a call on 0845 835 0266

3 x 3 screen stand

4 x 3 screen stand


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