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B-Tech BT4000, BT4001, BT4002 & BT4003 TV Monitor Floor Stand Clarification

We’re often asked to price-match certain B-Tech model numbers for LCD, LED and Plasma TV / Monitor floor stands.

Whilst we’re very happy to quote for the specific model number, it’s very important to note that none-specialist dealers will be quoting for the stand-bases alone, not a complete stand with poles and a screen mounting adaptor.

There are ‘dealers’ who appear to be ‘Authorised’ dealers for B-Tech but in actuality they buy from a wholesaler or distributor. Whilst this is perfectly legitimate, it does cause confusion. Many ‘dealers’ take a downloaded data-feed from a distributor which simply lists model numbers, very brief specifications and of course pricing, all the ‘dealer’ needs to add is their selling margin, i.e. how much they’re willing to make from each sale.

Again, if the ‘dealer’ has a thorough understanding of the B-Tech range of products then this is great. The problem of course is that for some ‘dealers’, all they know about B-Tech is what they’ve received from their suppliers data-feed, effectively a list of part numbers and prices. That’s great if you’re selling batteries, memory cards or computer spare parts, but not so great for selling more complicated mounting hardware.

Nine times of of ten, when we’re asked to price-match an on-line offering, we find that the customer has been quoted for a component part of a stand, not a complete assembly.

All we ever advise customers is “be sure you know for what you’re actually being quoted.”

As ever, if you need any advice, please call 0845 835 0266


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