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Vogel’s and Premier Mounts in New European Strategic Alliance For the Sale Of LCD, LED & Plasma Mounting Hardware

A few of our trade customers have asked us to clarify how the new trading partnership between Premier Mounts and Vogel’s affects their market positions in the UK.

As many will know, Premier Mounts is a major US manufacturer, providing commercial quality high-end ‘point of sale’ advertising TV and monitor mounting hardware, whereas in the UK, Vogel’s is seen more as a high-end home or consumer brand.

It is understood that Vogel’s has signed a deal to sell 18 products from the Premier Mounts’ range, those being from the Mega-Mount ranges of trolleys (carts), floor stands and the multiple video-wall mounts.

It is not yet known whether there will be any reciprocal product sharing, in favour of Premier Mounts…. Only time will tell.

This strategic move does seem to make a great deal of sense for both parties, Vogel’s has a significant market share in mainland Europe, but lacks the very large screen commercial mounting brackets. Whereas Premier Mounts, although significant in the UK, is dependent on multi-channel trade distributors, in each of the EEC member states. Clearly, sales in any particular country are dependent on the abilities of the individual distributor. For technical mounting hardware then this is a big ask for any broad-line distributor.

So, does this mean that our trade customers are now going to have to compete with an influx of UK based Vogel’s dealers, effectively selling the same products?

Well, in a nutshell, no… This agreement specifically excludes the UK, it only relates to Vogel’s supplying the large mounts to mainland Europe. We can only assume that this is because the UK is very well supported by the Premier Mounts’ European office in Coventry.

Clearly, there will always be cross-border sales within the EEC, however the logistic of supplying and more importantly supporting the substantial Mega-Mount products, means that there can only be benefits to UK suppliers of Premier Mounts’ products. Perhaps the additional marketing of the Premier Mounts’ products across Europe by Vogel’s will seep into the UK, helping all UK suppliers of Premier Mounts to benefit.

Whatever the consequences of the Vogel’s move into selling selected Premier Mounts’ products, you can be sure that we will be on-hand to help.

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