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Alphason TV Cabinets Gradino, Tensai, Pebble, Contour, Element, Yatai, Ambri & Finewood Ranges Launched by Flat Screen Suppor

Following-on from our success selling the Alphason range of small office and home office desks and chairs, we’re delighted to be able to extend our Alphason range by supplying an exceptional range of LCD, LED & Plasma TV Cabinet Stands.

To view our range of Alpahson TV Cabinets, please CLICK HERE

We know our place. Initially, we will not be offing the Alphason range of glass and metal TV stands, as there are more than enough retailers supporting that end of the market. As with our B-Tech offering of TV stands and cabinets, Flat Screen Support is better placed targeting the higher-end of the market, focussing time and other resources on products that need more support.

The level of support we can offer is not time limited, we would rather sell fewer high-end products, rather than spread ourselves too thin, trying to sell and support the myriad of lower-end products.

Initially Flat Screen Supports is supplying the following Alphason products :-

Gradino                GRA3-800-T/B
Tensai                   TSI-1085/3-B
Pebble                  PEB1100/2-BLK
Contour               CTR1000-LO-WH
Element               EMT850CB-BLK
Yatai                     YAT-1680-B
Ambri                   ABRD-800-BLK
Finewoods          FW-750-BV/B

About Alphason

Alphason’s extensive portfolio of home TV stands products builds upon it’s impressive 25-year experience in the design and manufacturing of furniture. This has enabled Alphason to bring some truly unique and exciting products to the market, providing you with the quality furniture your home demands. Of course there are cheaper TV stands on the market, but with Alphason you’re investing in a UK-designed piece of furniture, that will give you many years of use.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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