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Custom Cabinet / Recess Large LCD, LED Plasma Spring Loaded Mount Bracket – B-Tech BT8310

Over the years we have been contacted by many custom cabinet enclosure manufacturers looking for suitable extending- from-the-wall brackets, to be built into custom enclosures or recesses.

Given the huge number of bracket styles available, you wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to source a suitable bracket.

Our experience has been that many arm style brackets  allow the TV screen to move laterally (left/right) and up and down. Some have been designed that way, but some alter the geometry of the screen when pushed or pull-back. When a custom cabinet maker has produced a geometrically perfectly opening, there’s nothing worse than the bracket causing the TV to tilt by just a few degrees. A perfectly rectangular TV, sitting in a perfectly rectangular opening highlights any vagaries of a bracket’s action. If the bracket does not keep the TV or Monitor’s geometry perfect, then not only do you have a very unhappy customer, the cabinet-maker won’t be too pleased either. After all, as far as the end customer is concerned, it’s either the mass produced TV that’s wrong, or the cabinetmaker has made a mistake, somewhere along the line. Of course, when the TV or monitor is first installed, most brackets can be ‘jiggled-with’ to make the TV look right, but as with most jiggling, it’s just a temporary fix. Eventually the TV or monitor will begin to,… well, just not look right

Once again, B-Tech has come good, this time with its BT8310 extending wall mount.

Although initially designed to be installed within the multi-screen video wall applications, the degree of post installation fine adjustments available, make this mount the very best option for installing large screens into custom cabinets or recesses.  Having no lateral (left/right) action movement and no up/down action movement, this bracket keeps the flat screen geometrically centred, whether the screen is in its home position or in its extended ‘servicing’ position. Once installed and adjusted, there is no risk of the flat screen touching the edges of the cabinet’s opening.

To view full details of this excellent custom installation product, please CLICK HERE

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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