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Temporary / Portable Video Wall Installations – Free Standing Video Wall – Premier Mounts MVWS-2×2-4655, MVWS-3×3-55

We were contacted a few weeks ago, regarding a very specific video-wall requirement.

For an upcoming exhibition, a video production company had been given a large display area in the reception area of a major exhibition centre, the very area that all delegates would be registering to attend the exhibition and seminars. It was a fantastic opportunity to show every single delegate attending,  the company’s video productions

On viewing the reception area, it was soon discovered that it was in effect a glass atrium, being without solid walls, all the available surfaces were glass. Clearly, most exhibition venues don’t really like exhibitors drilling into walls, especially in a reception area.

Having reviewed the available products, all we could really offer was large TV stands and trolleys or potentially rear projection screens, although light ingress may have been a problem with any kind of projection.

If only we’d have known…..

Now, Premier Mounts has launched products that are pretty-much made for the job, freestanding video-wall stands, capable of supporting 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 screen matrixes.

Please CLICK the following links, to view the product details.


2 x 2 Freestanding stand :- this version supports 4 screens with diagonal image sizes 46” ~ 55”


3 x 3 Freestanding stand :- this version supports 9 screens with diagonal image sizes of 55”

Both versions of this stand are free-standing (self-supporting), and can be placed close to a wall or other surface, effectively emulating a wall-mounted screen, without compromising the wall surface.

For more information on, please call 0845 835 0266


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