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Mega-Mount Trolley Stand For LCD, LED or Plasma Screens with diagonal screen sizes 65”, 72 ~103” PMC-MM-500, PMC-MM501 & PMC-MM-502

For once, the use of the word ‘Mega’ in a product’s name is not a misnomer.

Premier Mounts has launched a massively impressive range of trolley / carts suitable for LCD, LED & Plasma Screens with images sizes up to an incredible 103”.

Also in this range is a mobile trolley or cart which is suitable for manoeuvring a 2 x 2 screen video wall, from location to location. Being capable of supporting 4 x 46~55” LCD, LED or Plasma TVs or Monitors, this is ideal for exhibition or TV studio use. Doorways permitting, the trolley with the flat screen fitted can be moved from room to room, making it ideal for many public information displays and corporate use in the boardroom, training rooms and event the staff restaurants.

Being designed by U.S. manufacturer Premier Mounts, this trolley / cart is supplied with the manufacturer-backed LifeTime warranty.

To view the new Mega Mount Trolley 2 x 2 video wall, please CLICK HERE

To view the new Mega Mount Trolley for TVs & Monitors up to 82”, please CLICK HERE

To view the new Mega Mount Trolley for TVs & Monitors up to 90”, please CLICK HERE

To view the new Maga Mount Trolley for TVs & Monitors up to 103”, please CLICK HERE

These new trolleys share the following specifications :-

Maximum Screen Weight : 227kg (500lbs)

Total Height : 2057mm (81”)

Positive and negative screen TILT feature. (not on the 2 x 2 version)

Screen Rotation feature to enable Portrait and Landscape Screen Mounting (and any position in between) – (not on 2 x 2 version)

Heavy duty casters for easy manoeuvring from location to location.


These products are supplied in a flat-packed shipping carton. Assembly is very easy and can be completed in most instances within 30 minutes.

Insurance Approved.

All Premier Mounts products are tested and approved by Underwriters Labs (UL), as such they are specified as entirely suitable for installation in public access environments such as in retail spaces, exhibitions, galleries, museums, education establishments and in the work-place. By using UL approved products, your public liability insurance would not be compromised.

For more information on this exciting new range of Mega Mount trolleys, please call 0845 835 0266


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