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Secure Apple iPad Floor Stand Requirement For Public Exhibition Space B40-IPM, B60-IPM, B72-IPM & B84-IPM

Recently, we were once again contacted regarding a very particular requirement. Having previously selected an unsuitable product, the enquirer was very specific regarding their application.

Having previously attempted to use low-cost floor stands for its fleet of iPads during an exhibition, they sadly realised that not all stands are suitable for public access spaces. Having ‘lost’ three out of their eight iPads, it was decided they needed something more robust and secure.

The iPad stand the company had previously used was ideal for home or office use, however the lack of a durable locking mechanism meant that it was just not suitable for open public access spaces such as exhibitions and visitor attractions. Indeed, one of the ‘U’ shaped based stands, including the iPad was lost from the exhibition space. It just shows you, if someone does something with confidence, then quite often nobody will question them. To be fair to the customer, the ‘U’ shaped base stand with a telescopic pole was not the cheapest on the market, costing around £150, good as it was, it was just not suitable for use in public exhibition environments.

So, having shown the customer the steel iPad secure housing on our iPad floor stands, it soon became clear to the customer, that ours were a much better option. Although our stands were around £100 per unit more expensive than the previous choice, they were of course ultimately, financially a better solution too. The cost of 8 of our stands was around £800 more than their original stand choice, however with the loss of 3 iPads at just one event, it was clear that perhaps their original choice wasn’t the best value for money.

Due to the late realisation that 8 new stands was a good course of action, we were contacted the day before the stands were actually needed. With the help of Premier Mounts in Coventry, a pallet of 8 stands was delivered the very next morning, allowing the stands to be installed in good time.

We’re happy to report that after a 3 day public exhibition, all iPads were still present and were packed-away for their next exhibition outing.

For more information on our range of commercial exhibition quality iPad floor stands, please call us on 0845 835 0266 or CLICK here


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