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LCD, LED & Plasma Accessory Collars and Mounts for 35mm, 42mm, 50mm & 60mm Diameter Pole Mounting Hardware. B-Tech & Premier Mounts Original, System 2 & System V – Unicol, Loxit, Peerless, Vogel’s & Chief Compatible

As more and more existing flat screen monitors and TV are coming to the end of their working lives,  installation companies are faced with the problem of explaining to the customer that the replacement TV or Monitor does not fit the existing ceiling mounting hardware. Obviously this not only inflates the cost of the ‘simple’ screen replacement, but it also causes disruption, not a great situation in retail, exhibition or public attraction environments.

On the whole,  contemporary TVs and Monitors weigh significantly less than their predecessors, therefore it’s very unlikely that the ceiling mount and pole would need to be replaced, it’s generally simply the screen interface assembly which needs to be replaced.

If you know the manufacturer of the original installation hardware, then there is usually the option of going back to it and buying the replacement screen interface, that’s if they are still in business and they’re willing to supply you. Some manufacturers will only accept orders of a minimum value, and some will only supply to account-holders, and they certainly wouldn’t open a new trading account for a one-off purchase.

This is where we can help. From our manufacturers, B-Tech and Premier Mounts, we can offer screen interfaces that can be retro-fitted to existing ceiling mount poles, be they 35mm, 42mm, 50mm or 60mm diameter. Once you know the diameter of the pole on the existing installation, we can provide you will all the mounting hardware you need.

Whether the installation is for simple flush, tilting, swivelling or multiple monitor or TVs, we will be able to help.

All we need to know from you is the diameter of the pole and the make and model of the screen, we’ll do the rest.

Please call 0845 835 0266 for more information

To view our Trade Installation Website, please CLICK HERE


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