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Launch of New Desktop Monitor and iPad Stand – Allows a monitor and an iPad to be attached to same mount

By combining B-Tech products, we have been able to launch a very competitive desk stand allowing an LCD or LED monitor and the ever popular Apple iPad to be mounted together, helping to clear your desktop space.

By combining the features and benefits of the BT7384 ‘Full Motion’, double desktop monitor stand, with the B-Tech BT7509 Tablet computer mount, we’re now able to offer a very flexible dual purpose mount.

Of course, if you subsequently decide you’d rather ‘just’ use the stand as a dual monitor stand, then that’s not a problem, simply remove the iPad mount and attach a monitor instead.

This is a great desktop space saving being a kit. How can I be so sure? It’s the set-up I have now adopted, and let me tell you, it works a treat.

By combining the products, there is a significant cost saving to be made. As such, we’re now able to offer this combination of products for less the £200. (pricing subject to change without notice)

To see this excellent product combination, please CLICK HERE

For further information, please call 0845 835 0266




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