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What’s the point of the B-Tech MountLogic range, isn’t it just a more expensive version of it’s own Ventry range?

For a while now, we’ve had customers questioning B-Tech’s logic in having two ranges of LCD, LED & Plasma mount hardware. Historically there’s always been the MountLogic range, but now there is also the Ventry range of lower cost mounts.

B-Tech’s background has historically been within the custom or integration marketplace, offering mounting hardware that can be integrated or combined with other hardware, to produce bespoke systems. That’s not to say however that it’s original hardware, the MountLogic range couldn’t be used as stand-alone mounting brackets.

Some time ago, it was realised that the MountLogic range had certain features and benefits that were only applicable for producing custom or bespoke installations. Although many of these features were really useful to installation engineers, they offered little benefit to the home installer, in essence the home installer was paying for irrelevant or unused features, hence the Ventry range was launched.


This is the original hardware produced by B-Tech allowing screens to be wall or ceiling mounted, or mounted on a stand or trolley. All brackets within this range can be coupled to many different B-Tech poles, supports and other hardware by using B-Tech’s proprietary collar system, each wall plate has pre-drilled holes spaced with their dead centres at 24mm. By having these mounting holes spaced at 24mm, all the MountLogic range mounts can be coupled to 35mm, 42mm, 50mm or 60mm diameter poles.

Whether it’s a simple VESA100 mount such as the BT7510 or a VESA800 mount like the BT8432, any MountLogic bracket can be coupled to a B-Tech pole system, using one or more of  it’s collars from the range offered.


The Ventry range from B-Tech offers stand alone or entry-level brackets, without the ability to attach to other B-Tech products. That’s not to suggest that the Ventry range is in any way produced to a lower quality, it’s simply been produced as without the bits necessary to make it compatible with it’s collar system.

In a nutshell, both ranges have their place, the MountLogic is designed for the custom installation market, whereas the Ventry range is designed for the one-off stand-alone  installation.

Which do we sell more of?

Given our background, it’s probably no surprise that currently we sell 5:1 in favour of the MountLogic range.

We’re delighted to work with B-Tech because as a manufacturer, it’s singularly focussed on mounting hardware, yet it still manages to produce ranges of products with very targeted applications.

Don’t even get me started on it’s 60mm, System-2 & System-V systems, perhaps that’s for a future-blog.

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