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BTXLR39 2k & 4K Very High Resolution HDMI Cables with Ethernet & Audio Return

eBay is often thought be a place where only the cheapest of the cheap can be sold, over the years we’ve been told that to try and sell top-end products alongside the very low cost and lower specification counterparts was a waste of time and money.

To disprove this, we were staggered by the success we’ve experienced selling the B-Tech BTXLR39 range of very high definition HDMI cables. This is a product that perhaps proves once and for all that eBay has a very knowledgeable and discerning customer base.

If you type-in HDMI in the eBay search field, your presented with over 65,000 search results, with HDMI cables from as little as £1, including VAT and delivery. As a company, we just don’t know how this is possible, given that even just a 1st class stamp is now 60p, so that leaves at best 40p to make and pack a cable. You’ve got to ask yourself, what are you buying and is that really value for money?

Our very high resolution HDMI can cables support the new 2K and the yet to be released 4K resolution sources, and have inbuilt Ethernet connectivity, allowing for home or av network installation. Our shortest cable sells for just under £2o and the the 3m version sells for just under £33. Even though our cables are many times more expensive than some of the detritus that is sold on eBay, our eBay customers do understand the old adage, “you get what you pay for”. Whilst it’s very easy to be bamboozled by the sheer number of products on eBay, with a little patience, very high quality products can be found albeit inexpensively on eBay.

To view our HDMI cables in our eBay store, please CLICK HERE



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