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B-Tech BT7515/s BT7515/pb Double arm LCD, LED Plasma Double Arm Mount Best Price Match

We’re still being asked to price-match the B-Tech BT7515 being sold by none specialist mounting hardware suppliers.

9 times out of 10, when we look into whether we should price-match the product being offered we discover that the unit being offered is the old, discontinued version.

Many of the old-style units were sold-off at clearance prices to make way for the new version that was launched a couple of years ago. Hence, if you’re being offered the old version, it’s been sitting on a shelf somewhere until someone decided to clear it, mainly through eBay and Amazon.

That said, does it matter ?

The old version only supports VESA75, VESA100 & VESA-MIS screw-fittings, hence it has 75 x 75mm, 100 x 100mm and 200 x 100mm screw-spacings. IT DOES NOT SUPPORT VESA200, that’s 200 x 200mm fittings.

Also, the original BT7515 was only ever specified for TVs and Monitors with screen sizes up to 32″.

How can you tell if the unit you’re being offered is the old version?

It’s really easy. Clearly on the box it will only specify screens up to 32″, whilst on the arm, just behind where it attaches to the TV there is a central silver wing-nut.

As both versions are manufactured by B-Tech, you can be sure that both mounts will operate safely within the specifications printed on the box or in the user-guide.

A quick trawl through eBay today, showed that 15 out of 20 units being offered where clearly the old versions.

All we advise is this, just know what you’re buying. If you’re happy with the old version then great, just don’t pay than you should for an older obsolete product.

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