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Why choose a TV Mount that rotates? What are the benefits of rotating TV Monitor wall mount brackets. Premier RFM

We’re sometimes asked, Why should I pay extra for a rotating head mechanism on an LCD, LED or Plasma wall mount bracket?

Well, there are two significant answers.

1) From an advertising perspective, the real benefit is that once installed onto a wall, LCD, LED & Plasma screens can be rotated from Landscape to Portrait orientation, meaning that advertising  and public information can be changed to radically.

2) Perhaps more practical for most installers, the rotating head mechanism is perfect for countering installation problems. Should the supporting wall, onto which you wish to mount the TV or Monitor isn’t great, then by being able to rotate the wall fixing plate to find stronger fixing points, is a great advantage. The screen can then simply be turned to achieve the perfect horizontal or vertical position.

We’ve always seen the rotating head type brackets as being a real friend to the installer, a real ‘get out of jail free’ card. If you’re travelling some distance to install a TV in a location you’ve not visited to perform a site survey, then isn’t it worth quoting your customer just a little bit extra? At least you will know that you will be able to complete your installation in one visit, and your customer will be delighted with the results.

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