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What is IP65?, What does IP65 mean?, What is IEC 60529

IP65 is a European guideline for the manufacture of LCD, LED or Plasma screen enclosures. IP65 is a short code. The IP bit stands for Ingress Protection, and this rating system was devised to not only standardise moisture ingress, it also relates to particle ingress such as dust. The 1st number (6) relates to solids whereas the 2nd number (5) relates to the level of waterproofing. The higher the number, the better the protection.

An IP65 tested product offers dust protection, but also has sufficient waterproofing to stop powerful water jets. As such, it should offer protection under extreme weather conditions.

IP65 is also referred to by it’s long-form international standard number IEC 60529

IP65 standards do not offer any ratings with regard to physical damage protection or any indication of how temperature may be managed within an enclosure.

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