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What is an LCD, LED or Plasma Enclosure or Housing?

Well, back to basics….

As you would expect, a screen enclosure is a box, a cabinet or a case that fully encloses an LCD, LED or Plasma TV or Monitor.

Are all enclosures the same?

Well no, not all enclosures are the same as there are many different applications that need varying degrees of protection or enclosure.

For Safety

Some enclosures are manufactured from metal mesh, these protect the screen from flying objects, and offer some resistance from theft. These are not particularly attractive and offer no protection from the elements, particularly rain water ingress.

For Internal Protection

There are particular requirements in pubs, clubs and other leisure venues where the protection of the screen from flying objects is the primary concern, clearly the benefit of protection from liquid ingress would be an advantage.

Full Exterior Protection

A large flat panel LCD, LED or Plasma screen mounted outside, needs protection from severe weather, extreme wet weather, very cold weather and of course very hot weather, in some countries at least. In high winds, then of course protection from flying debris is also required. For maximum screen protection, those designed to IP65, provide waterproof barriers that will prevent all rain, snow, hail and even windblown dust from affecting the screen. Although LCD and LED screens generate much less heat than their older Plasma siblings, there are some instances where at least ventilation is required, but in some extreme installations, then a degree of air conditioning is require.

What is IP65?

IP65 is a European guideline for the manufacture of LCD, LED or Plasma screen enclosures. IP65 is a short code. The IP bit stands for Ingress Protection, and this rating system was devised to not only standardise moisture ingress, it also relates to particle ingress such as dust. The 1st number (6) relates to solids whereas the 2nd number (5) relates to the level of waterproofing. The higher the number, the better the protection.

An IP65 tested product offers dust protection, but also has sufficient waterproofing to stop powerful water jets. As such, it should offer protection under extreme weather conditions.

IP65 standards do not offer any ratings with regard to physical damage protection or any indication of how temperature may be managed by an enclosure.

General Exterior Installation Issues.

It’s not just poor weather that affects the performance or utilisation of large screens. Direct sunlight, particularly when the sun is low in the sky, can prevent the image from being seen. It’s sometimes assumed that flat screens offer daylight viewing as a big benefit of projected images, however there are few display devices that than compete with direct sunshine.

If at all possible, try to located any display out of direct sunlight, unless you’re willing and able to invest in a true outdoor LED display.

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