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LCD LED Plasma TV Shield for High Dust or Other Airborne Particulate Contaminated Dusty Environments.

For many years, we have been asked by customers to recommend large screen information displays for environments where screens may be subject to harsh environmental conditions, such a high dust content or industrial areas where there are other airborne contaminants. Historically, we’ve steered customers away from installing large screen LCD, LED or Plasma screens in such environments, as specifically manufactured screens were very expensive. If screen enclosures were used, then these would usually be custom-built aluminium framed boxes with a Perspex screen cover, as they were usually custom-built, then these too were very expensive. Now, our US manufacturer, has produced a range of blown or moulded Polyurethane back boxes with exceptionally tough Polycarbonate screen protection covers, offering a real benefit for screen protection in tough environments. The major problem with screens used in commercial or industrial kitchens is the amount of vaporised cooking oil in the air, this of course coats all surfaces, including the air-vents of the screen. Acting as a dust-magnet, this oil coating traps dust and lint, quickly blocking the cooling vents and causing the screen to overheat. Clearly the screen vents can be cleaned, but it’s not so easy to clean the internal components of the screen, and it’s these components that over-heat. With the launch of the new TV Shields below, then the expensive screen is kept oil-free by the Polyurethane and Polycarbonate enclosure. Of course we would recommend that the enclosure’s air-vent are cleaned periodically, but at least the expensive screen remains oil and dust free. 19” ~ 26” TV / Monitor Enclosure 32” ~ 47” TV / Monitor Enclosure Soon there will be an even larger version available. For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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