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Is it possible to wall mount an 80″ TV?

Well, of course, any screen of any image dimension can be wall mounted depending on your budget, your  wall type and the wall mount selected.

Clearly, a big TV weighs a  reasonable amount, but perhaps not as much as you may suspect, as an example the new 80″ Sharp LC80LE646 weighs under 60kg, even when the tabletop stand is included.

Assuming that the wall to be selected is a structural wall or a partition wall with decent stud-work, there is no reason why a very large screen should not be mounted on to it. If you think about it, most wall mounted and fully loaded kitchen cabinets weigh more than this.

Clearly, it’s then down to bracket availability and budget. Obviously if you’ve paid more the £4,000 on a TV you’d expect to pay a few extra pounds for a decent bracket, certainly we would not recommend even attempting to mount an 80″ TV on a sub £50 mount.



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