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Btech (B-Tech) BT4000, BT4001, BT4002 & BT4003 LCD, LED & Plasma Stand Pricing

We’re continuing to receive calls asking us price match B-Tech stands an trolleys. Whilst we know we can be competitive yet still offer a degree of technical support second to none, in many instances the quotes from other companies are simply wrong.

The fact that many companies do make mistakes when quoting B-Tech products, probably indicates that there is a general lack of understanding of how the the B-Tech part numbers work.

As B-Tech offers stand bases that can be used with many different pole lengths and mount combinations, the B-Tech stand part number only applies to the stand base, this does not include poles or mounts.

We are aware that there are companies listing product numbers from B-Tech as they receive automatic data-feeds from a distributor, their systems simply add a percentage margin to the feed data to produce their price. Of course, the problem is that a stand base alone, is practically useless.

Please take care when typing product codes into Google or other search engines, as these can provide unrealistic search results.

As a company, we use the B-Tech stand base part number within our own part number as we of course supply complete stand and trolley kits, alongside the full range of components.

If in the rare event, you’re actually searching for just a stand base, please call us for pricing  on 0845 835 0266



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