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LCD, LED & Plasma Secure and Tough Enclosures for Schools, Colleges and Universities

There’s no doubt that information distribution is key in education establishments, although it must be current and up to date, otherwise it of course gets ignored.

More and more,  education establishments are tempted to use large screen LCD, LED or Plasma screens to display information around campus. Historically the cost of large screens inhibited the use of them, as did the potential for them being stolen or being damaged, both accidentally and deliberately.

Whilst it’s almost impossible to produce an indestructible TV or Monitor, at least we’re now able to offer a low-cost option to consider. Historically, flat screen displays that were rugged enough to be mounted where there was little or no supervision were hugely expensive, preventing them from being widely employed.

With the launch of our new Polyurethane & Polycarbonate secure and screen enclosures, we’re now able to offer a cost effective heavy duty robust display. Rather than having to purchase exorbitantly expensive toughened screens, often costing thousands of pounds,  low cost screens can be used to perform a role of  public information displays.

These enclosures can be wall or ceiling mounted, they can also be mounted on to floor stands and trolleys. If you need any assistance, please call 0845 835 0266

For more on our range of toughened or exterior screen enclosures, please CLICK HERE

To view the enclosures in our eBay store, please CLICK HERE

To view a video to show just how tough these enclosures are, please CLICK HERE


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