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Flat Screen Support is delighted to launch weatherproof TV enclosures suitable for Boats, Yacht & Ship installations.

Clearly, what we’re not advertising is an underwater TV, however for the first time we’re able to offer robust and weatherproof exterior enclosures for housing LCD, LED & Plasma TVs. Whilst we of course appreciate that there are some installations where there are no budget restrictions, these new enclosures enable standard TVs and Monitors to remain dry, during use.

Flat Screen Support is delighted to launch the US manufactured highly durable interior and exterior LCD, LED and Plasma enclosures. These lightweight Polyurethane and Polycarbonate enclosures offer high performance screen protection and durability. Having a moulded Polyurethane back-box, the manufacturing costs are significantly lower than traditional exterior cabinets, hence new market opportunities are now more realistic. Prior to the launch of these secure cabinets, either specifically designed exterior screens or effectively hand-made cabinets needed to be used, which often proved to be too expensive for most everyday applications. With the launch of these cabinets, then the cheapest available screens can be used, hence the opening of new market opportunities, we’re not just targeting these enclosures towards Super Yachts, we believe they are  perfect for more commercial and smaller private vessels.

We believe that this enclosure is not only a low cost installation, it also means that should a TV or Monitor fail, then during a quick turnaround, the screen can be easily and swiftlyreplaced, without having to stock expensive waterproof TVs and monitors.

Secure and durable LCD, LED or Plasma screen enclosures for flat screen displays, with an image size between 19″ & 47″. <br><br>

These low-cost weather resistant enclosures, are designed to be used inboard or outboard. <br><br>

As this secure cabinet mounts onto any suitable VESA Mount, it can be used in conjunction with a wall mount, ceiling mount or floor stand. For guidance on which mount option to select, please give us a call on 0845 835 0266<br><br>

The ‘lipped’ back-cabinet is manufactured from lightweight but very durable moulded Polyurethane, this can be countersunk into a wall or bulkhead, leaving the ‘lipped’ front edge as a neat frame.

The clear front screen protector is manufactured from shatter resistant Polycarbonate, this is the same material used in bullet-proof glass, although when used in actual bullet-proof the thickness can be over an inch.   When opened, the hinged clear screen protector can be kept in the open position using the included struts. The actual hinge mechanism is manufactured from aluminium, hence there are no materials used that may rust or corrode.<br><br>

To view these enclosures on our website, please CLICK HERE

To view a demonstration video sowing how tough these enclosures are, please CLICK HERE

To view the products in our eBay store, please CLICK HERE


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