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Having reviewed our business over the last year or so, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the direction our business has developed.

We’re honest enough to know that we would struggle to sell very low-cost cheap and cheerful brackets, simply because our manufacturers produce commercial grade mounting hardware. As a company, we just can’t afford to jeopardise our on-going commercial business by selling something that may not last, may not be UL or TUV approved or may lack a long-term manufacturer-backed warranty.

What surprised us however was that once we reviewed our business, how much of it was bespoke or custom designed mounting hardware. Of course we’re always delighted to supply single screen mounts, stands and trolleys, but we just love getting our teeth into custom design. When we get an inquiry regarding multiple screens being mounted, then this gets our juices flowing.

With the components supplied by our manufacturers, we’ve yet to be stumped by a request. Clearly, in some instances budgets may not have stretched far enough to allow the immediate supply, however in every instance, we have been able to suggest a workable solution.

Only this week a television studio inquired about the possibility of a portable trolley with 3 x 21” monitors attached. We were able to offer 2 solutions,  one with all 3 monitors mounted vertically on a single 1.5m pole trolley and the other mounted on a single pole trolley but with the screens being mounted horizontally, side by side. For this particular application, the 3 screens mounted onto a pole trolley, vertically was selected.

For more information on our custom or bespoke design service, please call 0845 835 0266


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