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Low cost Videoconferencing (VC) Trolleys & Carts BT8510 & BT8511 For 2 LCD, LED or Plasma Screens

As more and more organisations are being forced to review their costs, videoconferencing is becoming more and more a ‘must have’ office tool. Rather than spending a fortune on travel and hotel accommodation, companies are now able to hold ‘virtual’ meetings over the internet.

Videoconferencing stands have of course been available for many years, but due to their size and weight they tended to be installed in the company boardroom. That’s great if it’s one company board speaking with another, however more and more practical applications are being introduced to enable many people to participate. Virtual training courses are now being introduced to allow suppliers to train their customers’ sales staff, allowing for live interaction and feedback. It’s usually impossible to get more than a handful of people setting comfortably in most boardrooms.

With this in mind UK manufacturer B-Tech has launched 2 portable Videoconferencing Trolleys, the BT8510, for two screens up to 32” and the BT8511 for two screens up to 42”. Both trolleys are supplied as complete kits, with all the accessories required to safely mount the screens onto them.

Being manufactured by B-Tech, you can be sure that these trolleys are ideal for commercial heavy duty use, as they are supplied with the manufacturer-backed 10 year warranty.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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