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What’s the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards?

More and more we’re being asked what the benefits are of magnetic dry-wipe whiteboards over their non-magnetic counterparts. Whether a dry-wipe whiteboard is magnetic or non-magnetic does not affect the use of dry-wipe marker pens, it’s more relevant when using presentation accessories. You may have seen sports coaches using a whiteboard to explain tactics for the next big game, moving around small discs, representing team members. These coloured discs have magnets inside them, meaning they need to be used on a whiteboard that is magnetic. Basically, there are whiteboards that have a steel backing plate and there are other whiteboards that have a wooden or MDF (Mid Density Fibre) backing. Under ordinary office conditions, if you know you won’t be using magnetic presentation accessories, go for a non-magnetic version, they’re also less expensive. If you think that you may at some point in the future want to use magnetic accessories, then go for a magnetic version. If you’re planning to install a whiteboard in an industrial or warehouse environment, you may like to take a look at super-hard wearing Vitreous Enamel boards, these have the benefit of a 25 year warranty, they’re also magnetic. For more information, please call 0845 835 0255


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