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Can you wall mount a projector on a partition or plasterboard wall?

We’re often asked if there are any projector wall mounts suitable for mounting a projector onto a stud-wall, dry-lined or plasterboard partition walls.

As most model projectors weigh less than 10kg, then weight is seldom an issue, it’s usually the positioning of the actual wall mount-plate fixings that present an issue.

Typically, Premier Mounts has identified an issue and designed a product specifically to resolve it. As such, Premier Mounts has launched 2 very short throw projector wall mounts, one to fit on a single stud, and another to mount across 2 studs.

To see our range of projector mounts, please CLICK HERE

If you’re not sure what a stud is, avoiding all puns…. studs are the wooden structural supports that plasterboard on a partition wall attached to.  Typically 3” x 2” wooden studs are used behind the plasterboard, these can usually be located by tapping the wall and listening for a change in the sound. There are also commercially available ‘Stud Finders’, these can be purchased from many High St DIY shops.

Regardless of the wall mounting plate (single or double stud), both arms share the following common specifications :-


• Includes universal mount

• Cable management inside poles

• Mount carriage slides along projector arm for screen size adjustments

• Fits most short-throw projectors

• Dual or single pole installation

• Lock-It security hardware with Lock-It levelling barrel included

• Post installation lateral shift adjustment


Weight Capacity 25 lb. | 11.3 kg

Depth 5.00 – 28.00 in. | 127 – 711.2mm

Mounting Reach 13.79 in. | 350.3 mm

Pitch +6.00° / -6.00°

Roll +6.00° / -6.00°

Yaw +360.00° / -360.00°

Pipe Size 30.00 in. | 1.2 mm

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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