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Sharp LC80LE646E 80″ LED TV Wall Mount Brackets, Tilting, Flush & Cantilever Arm Versions Available

With the launch of the Sharp 80” LED TV the LC80LE646E, we’re proud to be able to confirm that we’re now able to supply Flat (flush to wall), TILTING and even an extending-arm wall mount brackets for this model.

These professional grade TILTING, None-TILTING and EXTENDING ARM brackets are ones of only a few that are capable of safely supporting 80″ Flat LED, LED or Plasma Panel TVs, as they have wall fixings as wide as 1100mm and can support a weights up to an incredible of 227kg. (500lbs) (****BRACKET SPECIFIC**** Flush & tilting up to 136kg)

To view the specifications of the mounts, please click the following links FLUSH or TILTING or EXTENDING ARM

To visit our website, please CLICK HERE

To view the Flush version in our eBay store, please CLICK HERE

To view the Tilting version in our eBay store, please CLICK HERE

To view the Fully Articulating Arm version, please CLICK HERE

Once installed, there is a levelling adjustment, to allow for fine post-installation adjustments. The EXTENDING ARM VERSION even allows the screen to rotate from Landscape to Portrait screen orientations.

Being manufactured by world-leading mounting hardware manufacturer Premier Mounts, would you really want to gamble your £4k+ investment on a ‘cheap’ lower quality model?

About Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts was established in the early ’70s in the USA and has since developed a huge reputation for manufacturing high quality, professional grade mounting hardware. Alongside its considerable Home Cinema mounts, Premier products can be seen in many hotels, conference centres, airports and other highly demanding environments.

Warranty & Support

This mount is supplied with the manufacturer-backed LifeTime warranty, you may not wish to hear this, but it will out-last your beautiful new TV, many times over. Unlike many cheap and cheerful mounts on the market today, the manufacturer-backed warranty is administered in the UK.

Although we’re listing this product specifically for the Sharp 80″ TV, it is also suitable for many super-large screens from many manufacturer.

UL Tested and Certified :- All Premier Mounts’ products have been tested and approved for use in public environments by Underwriters Labs (UL). UL is a ‘type testing’ organisation that confirms specifications, build quality, on-going product support and ultimately the suitability of products for their advertised applications. As such, you can be assured that this product will give you many years of safe service.

Will this bracket fit my TV.

Your TV or monitor must weigh less than 136kg (300lbs)

On the back plate of the TV, there must be 4 threaded wall mounting screw-holes, spaced no wider than 1100mm and less than 700mm vertically.

About US

We thoroughly understand that choosing the most appropriate mounting hardware for you home, business or education establishment can be very daunting, especially if you’ve tried to complete your due diligence by phoning around or surfing the internet. If you have spent more than a little time ringing round, then you’re probably more confused than when you started, after all, most none-specialist dealers really can’t appreciate the pit-falls of some of the hardware out there.

As the very old adage goes, a little information is a dangerous thing. After 20 years of experience, we know what we’re doing, we know what is the most appropriate hardware to ensure a safe and secure installation.

Delivery :- The included delivery cost relates to deliveries to the UK mainland only, if you’re located outside of the UK mainland please contact us prior to placing your order.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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