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Very Low Cost Very Inexpensive Professional or Commercial LCD, LED & Plasma TV Monitor Stands

We all understand that the costs of large screen LCD, LED & Plasma TVs and Monitors have reduced massively over the last few years, resulting in many flat screen products being available for under £500. From a mounting hardware suppliers point of view, it’s sometimes difficult to convince a customer to part with another £300 ~ £500 for a commercial or professional quality TV / Monitor stand.

As we have covered in many blogs over the years, the cost of the raw materials used to produce TV stands has rocketed over the last few years, resulting in mounting hardware prices heading upwards, when the actual TV or Monitor prices have been reducing. Something had to give.

Most TV stands supplied for the commercial or professional installation of products with a screen size of up to 59” have traditionally been 2 vertical poles on a stand base.

B-Tech has smashed that convention.

Using the newly re-designed BT4003 base, we’re now able to provide a single-pole stand capable of supporting a 59” screen weighing up to an impressive 70kg (154lbs). Obviously, as most of our stands are sold into commercial or professional environments, this single pole solution has been tested and approved for use in such environments, and has the backing of the manufacturer’s 10 year warranty.

Clearly, a massive benefit of moving to a single-pole stand is that it drastically reduces the manufacturing cost of the stand, we’re now able to offer true heavyweight and durable large screen TV / Monitor stands from just a little over £200.

To view this exciting product development, please CLICK HERE

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