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Launch of a full range of projector (projection) screens 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 & 16:10 screen ratios, for Home Cinema, Corporate & Education Applications

Having a long-standing association with presentation equipment, including large screen projectors, Flat Screen Support is proud to announce that it is gain selling a wide range of Presentation, Education & Home Cinema projection screens.

To view our ranges, please see our consumer website www.flatscreensupports.co.uk

Or to view our Ebay store, please CLICK HERE

To be fair, this is a return to our roots, having ceased selling screen some 4~5 years ago. Sadly, a few years ago we found it difficult to sell and support projection screens, this was as back then, the manufacturers were slow to adopt to the procedures necessary to support the contemporary customer demands. Remote Purchase legislation had not been considered by the manufacturers and as a result, retailing screens became very difficult. Also as the cost of large screen LCD, LED & Plasma flat screens reduced, it appeared that projection benefits were becoming fewer.

We’re delighted to be able to confirm that with the direct support of our manufacturers, Flat Screen Support is now able to supply all the video formats demanded by the market. Whether it’s a 1:1 ratio OHP screen, or a 16:10 ratio screen which is demanded by most laptop computer presentations, then we now have ‘off the shelf’ or custom ‘bespoke’ options available.

it also appears that the whole projector market may be about to experience a renaissance, the new 4K and 8K broadcast resolutions will benefit larger display devices, offering projectors a tangible benefit over their flat panel counterparts.

To try and assist customers in choosing the correct projection screen for their requirements, we have listed our screen selection as below :-

Portable Projection Screens – Both free standing floor and tabletop

1:1 ratio screens – square format screens, ideal for use with overhead projectors (OHP)

4:3 ratio screens – traditional video format screens, ideal for business presentations etc

Widescreen ratio screens – For home cinema & business presentations with 16:9 or 16:10 format.

Within these simple sections, we list, manual pull-down, electric, front & rear projection versions.

The brands and models of the screens that we’re supporting are listed below :-


Metroplan :- ET1000, ET1001, ET1002, ET1003, ET1004, LT1000, LT1001, LT1002, LT1003, LT1005

2112460, 211462, 211458, 201460, 201462, 201458, 201460V, 201462V, 201458V, 201460AW, 201462ZAW, 201458AW, 210301E, 210302E, 210303E, 210304E, 210305E, LVM8000, LVM8001, LVM8002, LVM8003, LWM7000, LWM7001, LWM7002, LWM7003, BES4002, LSE4000, LSE4001, LSE4002, LSE4003, LVE6000, LVE6001, LVE6002, LVE6003, LWE5000, LWE5001, LWE5002, LWE5003, FV120MW, FV160MW, FV180MW, FV200MW, FV240MW, FV300MW, FW120MW, FW160MW, FV180MW, FV200MW,FV300MW, FW2012MW, FW2415MW

Vertigo :- VG6000, VG8000, VG6001, VG8001, VG6000B, VG8000B,

Movielux :- 201463, 201464, 201465, 201467, 201468, 201469

Fastfold :- All front & Rear projection screens up to 3200mm high x 4270mm wide

Rollfix :- RFS180, RFS200, RFS240, RFS 370, RFS300, RFV180, RFV200, RFV240, RFV270, RFV300, RFW200, RFW240, RFW270, RFW300

Eyeline :- EMS16W, EMS18W, EMS20W, EMS24W, EMS30W, EMV16W, EMV18W, EMV20W, EMV24W, EMV30W, EMW16W, EMW18W, EMW20W, EMW24W,EMW30W, EES16W, EES18W, EES20W, EES24W, EES30W, EEV16W, EEV18W, EEV20W, EEV14W, EEV30W, EEW16W, EEW18W, EEW24W, EEW30W, SEV15, SEV18, SEV20, SEV24, SEV30, SEW16, SEEW18, SEW20, SEW24, SEW30

Screenline : – T170106, T200125, T240150, 213511, 213514, 213512, 213513

All Screenline Tab Tension Screen from 1370mm x 1830mm through to 3050mm x 4060mm (1:1, 4:3 & 16:9)



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