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Cheap Unbranded LCD LED Plasma Wall Mount Brackets – a cautionary tail

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Over the years we’ve been offered countless ‘once in a lifetime’ offers to bring-in from the far east a container-full of exceptionally cheap brackets. Much as we appreciate the offers, we have never taken any of them up.

The deal is usually along these  lines :- Buy a container full and we’ll send them in unbranded boxes or with your own logo printed on the box, and they’re usually very cheap. Obviously we’re always told the same story, that they are produced at the same factory used by one of the major branded manufacturers, and built to the same standard. Effectively we’re told that we would just be ‘cutting-out’ the middle man.

Well we’re glad we’ve never gone down that path.

Over the last 2 weeks we have been approached by 3 totally independent customers who bought very cheap brackets from an on-line supplier. Sadly with all 3 customers, the vertical hanging bracket which attaches to the TV had snapped where it attaches to the wall bracket, on all 3 instances that we’re aware of, when facing the screen it was the left bracket that had broken.

Sadly, the supplier was no-longer contactable so the customers were ringing-round to try and either get replacement parts or to find information on where the product was manufactured.

As we do hold spare brackets and hangers, and we’re always willing to try and help, we did send a unit to one of the customer to try. After a couple of days, the customer phoned to say  that sadly the part we sent did not fit their wall plate as the metal on our part was too thick.

We think that pretty-much explains the problem, it seems obvious to us that the steel used in the none-branded bracket is just too thin, it might be ok for 37” TVs but it does not appear to be able to cope with the weight of larger screens.

The model number quoted by the customers for the broken bracket was LM6524

This bracket was supplied in a blue printed box with an image of the bracket on the box and the model number printed on it with a few lines of specification. There was no manufacturer name printed on the box or in the instruction manual.

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