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Are All Whiteboards The Same? What’s the relevance of magnetic, none magnetic & vitreous enamel?

Clearly, given the wide range of pricing available for DryWipe whiteboards, there must be differences in their specifications.

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Forgetting interactive or multimedia whiteboards for a moment, we believe that there are two categories of DryWipe whiteboards, those that can be considered as Magnetic and those that are regarded as none-magnetic.

Magnetic Whiteboards

Magnetic whiteboards surfaces have ferrous metal properties, allowing magnetic presentation accessories to be used with them, the whiteboard surface in itself isn’t actually magnetic. Often this type of whiteboard can be seen being used by sports team coaches where players are represented by stick-on magnetic coloured discs. We ourselves provide a range of pre-printed sports boards designed specifically for coaching Football, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Basketball  & Netball.

It’s not just sports coaches however who benefit from magnetic whiteboards.  As there are many magnetic presentation accessories available such as, coloured tape, coloured sheets, coloured spots, cut-out shapes, letter characters and numbers. These can be very useful during planning or sales presentations.

Alongside the use of magnetic presentation tools, of course dry-wipe coloured marker pens can also be used.

None Magnetic Whiteboards

The none-magnetic whiteboards are of course generally less expensive than their magnetic counterparts, however they still maintain the full dry-wipe market pen functionality. Instead of using the magnetic accessories, then the use of dry-wipe pens is mandatory.

Common To All Whiteboards

Regardless of whether a whiteboard is magnetic or not, the board make-up and the actual white surface quality can very massively. There are whiteboards out-there that are effectively MDF (Mid Density Fibre) boards with a painted white surface, although these have their applications, they will not last in commercial or educational establishments.

All our whiteboards have an ultra-smooth white finish, on a tough back-board allowing many years of operation.

Both magnetic and none-magnetic whiteboards can be pre-printed on the surface or below the surface with various patterns, be it a musical stave, a football pitch or simple lines or grids. If the pattern is printed on top of the whiteboard surface, then eventually these will be worn away, but this may still take many years, if the pattern is below the top surface then effectively these can never be worn away.

Screen Toughness

All our whiteboards are manufactured to a standard which means they will provide many years or active use in commercial or educational environments, however there are some applications that need even tougher whiteboards.

With this in mind, we have launched a super-tough metal backed whiteboard range with an exceptionally tough vitreous enamel surface, this surface is bonded to the steel backing, using temperatures up to 800 degrees centigrade. The manufacturer is so confident of the durability of these whiteboards, that they’re supplied with the manufacturer-backed 25 year warranty. If you’re installing a whiteboard in a factory, warehouse or some other industrial environment, then this must be the very best option to consider.

We hope that this very brief article gives you a little insight into the various whiteboards that are available, however, if you need any further information, please give us a call on 0845 835 0266


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