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Sports Coaching Products To Help “Inspire the next”, Dry Wipe Whiteboards, Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball, Netball & Hockey

To see our range of  sports coaching whiteboards, please click this link :- Sporting Whiteboard link

With the success of Team GB at the London 2012 Olympic games, the legacy of the games has been widely highlighted as the single most important factor. In the short-term, then of course the performance of the athletes has been tremendously successful, however the success of the actual event can only be judged over the next few years. In 2016 in Rio De Janeiro, if Team GB  only achieves a fraction of the medals that were won in London; and the Olympic Park venues become under-used white elephants, then the whole event will be ultimately judged to be a failure. If the London 2012 venues become the ‘ghosts of 2012’, then a huge opportunity will have been lost. The UK must not find itself in the same position as Athens and some other previous hosts, who’s decaying Olympic infrastructure has become a drain on public resources.

The athletes did their part to ‘inspire the next’ generation and without being political, the government provided the launch pad and has promised on-going sports funding. As most parents would rather their kids were involved in organised sports, it ought to be a perfect storm, leading to on-going  and even greater success. The tidal wave of  enthusiasm inspired London 2012 must last until at least 2020, and then beyond. 10 year old kids who have been inspired by London 2012, need to be supported in every possible way and to what ever level is most appropriate, otherwise the £9b ‘investment’ or gamble will be lost.

Now kids from all over the UK will be looking for training facilities and coaches for many sports, not just the traditional sports such as football, Rugby and Cricket. Hopefully, with the exposure of sports like Handball, Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball, the demand for coaching should be huge.

We know that good coaches can only become great coaches when they have the right tools and back-up.

With this in mind, Flat Screen Support has launched a range of pre-printed DryWipe whiteboards for use by professional and amateur coaches.

Our DryWipe Whiteboards are pre-printed with Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Cricket, Basketball & Netball pitches and can be used with magnetic player-markers and DryWipe marker pens.

To see our range of whiteboards, please see our Ebay Store by following the link below :-

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