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Flat Screen Support now supplying the Premier Mounts IPM-300 Desktop Stand for the iPad, Kindle and Tablet PCs.

Well to be honest, we made a massive mistake with this product; we assumed it was just another desktop stand for the Apple iPad, how wrong we were!! It also ‘saved’ my iPad this afternoon.

Whilst writing a few documents this afternoon, I used the Premier IPM-300 desktop stand to house my iPad. While typing away, I knocked over my cup of tea, over the exact area of the desk where my iPad would usually be located, being lifted off the table on the IPM-3000; my iPad remained safe and dry. Thank you Premier Mounts!!!

About the IPM-300 (Please CLICK HERE to view full specifications)

Being manufactured by U.S. manufacturer Premier Mounts, we knew it would be very well built and very functional, however we really missed the point of this product.

In terms of applications and uses, we believe that this is probably the most useful iPad mount available, whether you want to use it as a simple desk-stand, a wall mount, an under-shelf mount, under cabinet mount or even an in-vehicle mount, this mounting bracket will give many years of useful service.

To be fair to Premier Mounts, we were told how good this bracket was, but it was only when we brought one into our offices to fulfil a specific role, that we really appreciated its functionality.

The key features of this bracket/stand are as follows :-

Quick Release – The iPad, Kindle or other tablet PC can be removed very quickly

Head Rotation – The iPad, Kindle or other table PC can be rotated by 360 degrees, meaning that it can easily be switched between portrait and landscape orientation.

Free Standing or Secured – The stand can used ‘free-standing’ or it can be secured to a solid surface.

Tilt Mechanism – The Tilt of the iPad, Kindle or Tablet PC can easily be adjusted, by hand, no tools are required. Once secured to solid surface, the iPad, Kindle or Tablet PC cab be ‘flipped’ so the foot of the stand is behind it, rather than being in front of it, it’s really flexible.

The centre of the iPad, Kindle or Tablet PC can be 159mm from the tabletop or under-shelf or under-cabinet.

The maximum width of a Tablet PC that can be used with this mount is 250mm; hence it is suitable for most devices with a screen size up to 9.7″.

The weight of this stand is 1.1kg

This stand does not allow the iPad, Kindle or Tablet PC to turn to the left or right when used as a simple desktop stand, under-shelf or under-cabinet mount. If used as a wall-mount bracket, then it can be mounted to allow left to right swing movements.

As this is manufactured by U.S manufacturer Premier Mounts, this is supplied with a manufacturer-backed LifeTime warranty.

We have already supplied this product into the following applications :-

Music Recording Studio – to allow musicians to mount an iPad onto t mixing desk.

Mobile Home – To allow an iPad to be mounted in a kitchen area

Narrowboat Builder – To allow customers to mount their iPad in various space-precious areas of the boat.

Presenters – One of our customers mounted one of these stands on a lectern, to allow visiting ‘presenters’ to use their iPads.

We do not recommend these stands for areas where there is little or no security, as part of its functionality, the iPad, Kindle or Tablet PC can be quickly removed.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266 or CLICK HERE


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