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BT8504 LCD LED Plasma Trolley Cart Stand – Ready for England’s Euro 2012 Campaign, …JUST.

On Friday the 8th of June at about 1:30pm, the office phone range, obviously in the words of the great Tom Jones, that in itself   is “… not unusual”. However the obvious panic in the voice on the other end of the line was.

Obviously from time to time, we get asked to sort-out a mess that has been caused by another supplier sending the incorrect adaptor-plate or the incorrect screw-set for a particular piece of kit, of course, where we can, we always try to help.

This was a little different however. The enquirer’s panic was due to an event that had been months in the planning to show England’s first group match in the Euro 2012 competition. Weeks ago, the screens were ordered, the sound system was booked and the rental of 3 TV stands was arranged. Being an organised sort of chap, the enquirer had arranged to pay for the extra few-days rental of the stands, to have them delivered on the Friday morning, giving himself a couple of days grace to cope with any unforeseen problems, it’s a good job he did!

By 11:30am on Friday the stands had still not been delivered, by 11:45 he could not contain himself and phoned the helpline telephone number of the company he had booked the rental from. Despite trying several times, the phone was not answered. So, aware that he was running out of time, with no contact from his previous ‘supplier’, he hit the phones again.

After telephoning a number of companies trying to rent the stands, he turned to the option of buying instead, to be fair at this late stage, during the summer of 2012 in particular, a fresh rental was very much a long-shot.

In a nutshell, we received a call asking if we could deliver 3 trolley stands on Friday afternoon, sadly we were not able to offer this as a standard service, however we could deliver the stands on Saturday morning.

Having been so badly let-down, the customer was quite rightly sceptical that we could achieve what we promised. After several conversations and much re-enforcing of the desperation for this stock to arrive on-time, the customer placed his order.

The order was processed and the trolley stands were dispatched via TNT on the Saturday delivery service. Thankfully the delivery standard was up to the service-level that we have come to expect from TNT, and the items duly arrived on site, on time.

Although the customer was left with trying to retrieve the rental deposit he had paid using his Mastercard, he did let slip that the standard purchase cost of the 3 stands was just over £80 more than he had agreed to pay for the rental of the 3 trolley stands, of course now he would never have to rent again. Obviously we had to charge an additional amount for the Saturday delivery, however this proved what we have known for a few years now, and that is that it’ often just as inexpensive to buy a stand or trolley, than rent one.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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