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Hospital TV Wall Mount Arm Improved Diamond Jubilee TV Enjoyment, For One Less Mobile Lady. AM18W

Having sold mounting hardware for LCD, LED, CRT and Plasma TVs for many years, it’s not often that you’re emotionally touched when speaking with a customer.

Earlier last week, Mr. K of Bradford called us as his elderly mother had lost mobility due to her age and other health issues. Due to her various health problems, Mrs. K senior had lost her long-sight functions and much of her hearing, she was confined to her bed and was being cared for by her family, this of course presented many unforeseen but understandable demands.

Being of a certain age, Mrs. K was desperate to watch the Royal Events that were being staged for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Mr. K was especially keen to do all that he could to ensure his elderly mother’s enjoyment of the televised events.

With this in-mind, Mr. K phoned us on Wednesday to see if there were any options available to make viewing a TV in bad more comfortable, and was it still possible to get a solution delivered and installed before the weekend.

Well to be honest, it was a no-brainer, the AM18W  from Premier Mounts was the obvious product, due to it’s flexibility. Being a stock-item a delivery could be promised for Thursday, leaving enough time for Mr. K’s handy-man to install it on Friday. Obviously, as the time-scales were very tight Mr. K was a little sceptical that we could achieve what we promised, we only had one opportunity to get this right, we knew it was definitely a one-shot deal.

Well, thanks to our delivery partner TNT, the product was duly delivered on the Thursday. On Friday afternoon Mr. K’s handyman called just to clarify something with the installation, which we of course we were able to do.

And that was that, we delivered a suitable product for a very specific requirement which was delivered in-line with an immovable deadline, or so we thought.

This morning, Wednesday the 6th of June, we received a call from Mr. K. It was merely a courteous  ‘thank-you’, but to hear the emotion in Mr. K’s voice describing how his mother had enjoyed the TV coverage of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, watching her TV close-up, with her headphones-on, really touched a spot. She even watched the Jubilee Concert, particularly enjoying Sir Cliff & Sir Tom!!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we of course sell very practical mounting hardware, but perhaps we don’t always appreciate how our products can quantifiably improved some peoples’ quality of life.

We are genuinely grateful to Mr. K for giving us a call this morning, and thank you for reminding us.


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