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Website Problems 22nd and 23rd of May 2012 Distributed Denial Attack – www.flatscreensupports.co.uk

Due to a prblem with our hosting company, our websites are currently not operating correctly, both www.flatscreensupport.co.uk and www.flatscreensupports.co.uk are currently unavailable.

The following text has been cut and pasted from the help pages of our web host :-

“From 11:30 to 22:50 our network was undergoing a massive distributed denial of service attack from China.

“Due to the nature and size of this attack the firewall systems in place needed to be reconfigured to block the bad traffic and allow the good traffic through.

“Our 24/7 network team picked up on this straight away and started to make changes to bring services back online to the Internet.

“During the period your site, as well as that of 123-reg, including access to your control panel and webmail, were not accessible to the internet.

“Any email that was sent to you would be queued by the sending mail servers and be sent to you shortly.

“Things may be a little slow over the next hour or so as we continue to configure the systems to effectively stop the attack.

“Thankfully, as the largest UK hosting provider, 123-reg has the data centre and team in place to combat these Internet criminals with minimal damage.

“123-reg appreciates your patience and understanding during this period.

We’re sorry that access to our website and e-mail systems have been restricted, if you need any urgent information, please call our helpline 0845 835 0266.

If you have sent an e-mail enquiry, please accept our apology for not receiving a response, as yet we probably have not received it.

Our telephone support is manned 7 days per week, including evenings.


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