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Are we the cheapest for Premier Mounts and B-Tech TV Monitor wall mount brackets, stands and desk mounts?

We’re sometimes asked why some on-line companies appear to be a little cheaper than Flat Screen Supports.

As an authorised Premier Mounts Ltd. ‘Platinum’ dealer and an authorised Trade Distributor for B-Tech International Ltd., we have proved ourselves to be a competent and supportive supplier of two of the industry’s most respected manufacturers.

Our reward for offering consistently high customer support, pre, during and after the sale, is that our buying price from both our mounting hardware suppliers is second to none. Alongside our buying power, we also have access to stock forecasting and direct technical support, meaning we’re in an ideal position to assist you with your installation planning.

The major benefit to you is that you can be sure that our pricing is competitive, but it is also an on-going price, it’s not a ‘once in a lifetime clearance price’ or pricing based on excess stock or stock that has been purchased at auction from a defunct business. Our pricing is based on forecasts and our knowledge of up-coming potential stock shortages and new model launches. If you’re planning an installation roll-out, you need to talk with us. We can advise you on what model to specify for your installation roll-out, not just technically, but also practically, based on the likelihood of stock being available during your future installation timescale window.

There are many companies offering ‘Price Match’ guarantees, however many offer short-term pricing based on stock availability that day, or by offering stock purchased from ‘grey’ market suppliers. All our products are purchased directly from the manufacturers’ UK sales offices, we do not buy from intermediaries.

We appreciate we will never get every sale out there, however we do have overheads and you can be sure you’re buying from a financially stable company that can supply you with VAT invoicing.

If you do find one of our products cheaper elsewhere but you like the way we do business, offering the benefits of technical assistance and next-day deliveries, give us a call. We may even be able to match the price you’ve been offered, or at least explain the reasons why we can’t.

For more information, please call 0845 835 0266


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