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What’s a Video Conferencing Trolley?

We being asked what customers should be looking for when buying a VideoConferencing (VC) trolley or stand.

Firstly, decide whether you need a trolley or a stand. Will you need to move the screens from room to room? If you think you may need to move the screens, then a trolley may be the better option.  When selecting a base for the stand or trolley, consider the shape of the base, some will struggle to pass through a standard single doorway. If you’re looking for a permanent installation, the perhaps a stand-alone floor stand would be be more appropriate. An added benefit is that these stands can be secured to the floor if you require additional security.

The B-Tech VC trolley is a good example of a stand base that has been designed to allow the base to be fed through the narrowest to doorways.

Most VC stands or trolleys now have the facility to support two screen, on to display the video content of the remote user, and another to allow users to see themselves.

Having a stand or a trolley with two screen mounts is of course a major concern, however many customers forget the need of a VC camera shelf, this usually sits above the screens. As you would expect from a company with over 20 years of experience, all the VC trolleys and stands supplied by flat screen support include VC camera shelves.

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