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Free of Charge Delivery – Does it even exist?

Free of charge delivery, …really?

There is nothing more certain in life than death and taxes. That said, similarly you can be sure that there is no such thing as Free Delivery.

Clearly, for a company to deliver an item to you, costs it money. Be it for fuel or wages, there are of course delivery costs involved.

If a company advertises that a product has “Free of Charge” delivery, it simply means that the cost of the delivery is included in the price quoted. Typically, if a “Free of Charge” delivery product costs £295, you can be reasonably sure that between £10 and £15 of the item’s cost covers the carriage.

If you’re buying a single product then ‘so what?’, it does not matter. However, if you’re buying several items then you’re actually over-paying, as you’re actually paying for duplicate carriage charges. To deliver 5 items to the same address does not cost 5 times the cost of a single item.

We try to offer competitive prices, combined with reasonable carriage charges. We do not make a profit from carriage charges. With our website, the more items you buy, the lower the shipping costs per item are.

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